The National Wildlife Research Center

8 min


                   Available in 3/4 & 16/9 formats

Houbara Bustard

25 min     

2005         > watch it on YouTube

First Houbara Release in Saja Um ar-Rymth

7 min

2004         > watch it on YouTube

Houbara Breeding Season

in Mahazat as-Sayd

22 min

2001         > watch it on YouTube

All DVDs are PAL standard, 3/4 format, free zone.

Mahazat as-Sayd - Rebirth of Arabian Wildlife

57 min


> watch it on YouTube

Wildlife Heritage of Saudi Arabia

- The Arabian Oryx

> watch it on YouTube

9 min


Farasan Islands - Pearls of the Red Sea

50 min


> watch it on YouTube

Mudflat Magic at Jizan

26 min


> watch it on YouTube

Hamadryas - The Sacred Baboon

in Saudi Arabia

41 min


> watch it on YouTube

Raidah Reserve - Sarawat Paradise

20 min


> watch it on YouTube

Conservation of Big Predators - a Nation’s Challenge

15 min


> watch it on YouTube

    Follow the journey of a lappet-faced vulture to discover how the Arabian wildlife is back to life in the Peninsula. This documentary will give you a clear understanding of the work done by PSFWRC to reintroduce and monitor endangered or extinct species in one of the biggest reserve in the world.

Arabic or English

    Discover the richness and abundance of wildlife in the only protected archipelago of the Red Sea. Astonishing beauty including birdlife, gazelles, green turtles and underwater sceneries.

    The diversity of shorebirds living on the mudflat that we could see a few years ago along the shore of Jizan.

Arabic or English

    If you drove along the rocky slopes of the Sarawat Mountains, you probably already saw those “desert monkeys”. But who are they and from where do they come originally? Learn about them through the study of a joined Saudi-Japanese team.

Arabic or English

    A complete DVD dedicated to the houbara bustard including a general documentary film about the species and two other specific ones.

Arabic or English

    Watch unique footage of Arabian big predators in this film dealing with a local problematic of poaching.

Multilingual: Arabic - English - French

    Presentation film of the PSFWRC (as included in the Movies page of this web site).

Multilingual: Arabic - English - French

More on YouTube:

Back to the Wild (Oryx reintroduction in the Empty Quarter)    15 min (English only) 1995    > watch it

Protecting Harrat al-Harrah    18 min 1997    > watch it

Wildlife Heritage of Saudi Arabia: The Hamadryas Baboon    6 min 2002    > watch it

Releases in Rawdat Kharem    13 min 30 (Arabic only) 2005    > watch it

LATEST      Hope for the Arabian Leopard  


                    24 min

                    2015               > watch it